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UD Transmissions

UD  offers a broad range of automated and manual transmissions characterised by digital intelligence. The transmissions have evolved over time from the Volvo PowerTonic transmission to the full automatic transmission popular in UD90 model. UD Trucks new leading world class automated manual transmission is the ESCOT V Transmission. Eliminating the clutch pedal has made work easier providing drivers a modern, efficient and trouble free environment.The heavy commercial freight carrier UD90 ATM model now boasts an automatic Allison Transmission that efficient, powerful and productive it’s in performance. For UD Trucks, transmission technology is all about having the right ratio of the right speed at the most appropriate time.

If you are looking to rebuild or repair your transmission have a chat to our friendly team today. We provide services and ship throughout the country including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Alice Springs, Hobart, Cairns and Canberra.


  • MTS75D 7 speed – Synchromesh type manual transmission that features power shift
  • ATO2612 – It is the groups new automated manual transmission. It is a non-synchromesh type with innovative protective devices and and improved PTO capabilities
  • AO261D automated manual transmission – It offers clutchless or two-pedal operation through the innovative ESCOT V gearshift mechanism making it easier for the driver.

We stock a range of UD transmissions and can deliver throughout Australia. For repairs, rebuilds and reconditioned gearboxes contact the team at Gibbs. 

UD Transmissions - New and Used

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