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Hino Truck Transmissions

Hino is a Japanese manufacturer of diesel trucks and heavy-duty diesel engines. Hino uses the Allison transmissions which is very fuel-efficient and cost effective to maintain and operate. Allison transmissions are versatile enough to be used both for the heavy-duty and medium-duty trucks made and sold by Hino Motors. The gearboxes are known for durability, reliability and efficacy, and aim to assist with efficient acceleration.

We provide a huge range of Hino gearbox services including repairs and rebuilds to brand new transmissions and exchanges. If you are looking for repairs or assistance with your Hino then contact our experienced team to discuss your requirements. We ship daily throughout the country including Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Alice Springs.


  • The Hino MD3060 transmission is an automatic one that aims to reduce the frequency and intensity of the torque shocks, on rough terrain;
  • The Hino FE2620 AT545D model is designed for heavy-duty trucks, and it is designed to be coupled with the advanced Allison electronic controls;
  • The manual Hino HO-series transmissions is known to consume considerably less fuel than the automatic models, although automatic transmissions tend to be more convenient;
  • The H06C-TN Hino transmission model is a six speed, standard and manual model used for the older Hino trucks. 

Our experienced team can assist you with all Hino inquiries, from gearbox repairs to complete rebuilds and reconditioned engines.

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