Truck Gearbox Repairs and Rebuilds

Truck Gearbox Repairs and Rebuilds

Gearbox & Transmission Repairs and Rebuilds

Quality Repairs For All Truck Transmissions

Truck Gearbox Repairs

The team at Gibbs Truck Transmissions has built a reputation as one of the leading suppliers in the gearbox services sector offering the competitive prices for gearbox system rebuilding, repairs and sales of new parts. With a proven record in excellent customer service and a wide range products to choose from, we have built a reputation in the industry that customers rely on. Our technicians are fully equipped with state of the art equipment to solve all your mechanical issues.

A transmission/gearbox in basic terms is the system which carries the power produced by the engine to the drive axle through the use of various gears. The modern automatic vehicle transmission systems are very complex units which are made of many electronic, mechanical and hydraulic parts. For this reason, they fail well before the engines. When properly maintained, a modern engine will very easily last for more than 200,000 miles without requiring to be replaced unlike transmission systems which normally fail after between 80,000 miles to 150,000 miles. This range is varible in that the longevity of transmission systems lifetime varies and also depending on usage and maintenance factors.

Each time a transmission system changes gear, bands and clutches inside of the transmission platform will apply and get released to allow for the gear shift to take place. For each shift the transmission system wears out and the higher the speed at which you are accelerating at the time of the shift, the greater the amount of wear that the transmission will go through. Generally vehicles doing long haul runs will have less use of the gearbox, whereas city driving requires many gear changes and the gearbox can wear down considerably faster.

Gibbs Truck Transmissions performs gearbox repairs, installations, replacements and maintenance as well as offering brand new gearboxes for a range of models. In case of emergencies we offer a 24/7 round the clock emergency assistance should it be required.

Gearbox Repairs

Our Queensland based workshops are equipped to offer gearbox maintenance and repair services. We use the latest technology and qualified staff to ensure each and every project is fully tested to meet our strict guidelines. We provide complete inspection services to ensure there are no additional concerns that should be addressed. Our written quotes cover all expenses, labour and parts pricing.

Gearbox Rebuilding

This process requires the complete disassembling, inspection and replacement of worn out components and finally reassembling in accordance to the specifications of the manufacturer. Rebuilt systems come with the advantage of your original vehicles transmission (with a few enhancements). Transmission Rebuilds provide you with a cost effective solution of getting your truck back to the road with the same transmission but with enhanced performance.
The rebuilding of a damaged gearbox must be done by fully qualified, insured and licensed mechanics. All of our mechanics are experts in their field and we only employ the best in the industry. They will ensure that all the parts are installed as per the manufacturer’s guidelines and all parts come with a written guarantee.

We offer services on these models:

  • Eaton Roadranger – RT022918B, RTL020918B, RTL018918B, RTL016918B, RTLO18718, RTLO16718, RTLO16618, RTLO14713, RTLO14913, RTLO14713, RTLO16713, RTLO16913, RTLO12913, RTLO14913
  • Volvo – R52, SR62, R1000, SR1700, SR1900, SR2000, SR24000, VT2014, VTO2014, VTO2514, VT2514
  • ZF – S6 36, 6S150C, 6S850, 9S75, 16S151, 16S181, 16S221, 9S1110
  • EATON Dif – DS462, DS461, RS462, RS461
  • Meritor – 20.145, 46.160, 46.185
  • Scania – GR770, GR801, R900, GR920, RB660


You can find us in the following locations:

  • Queensland QLD –Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Mackay, Townsville, Toowoomba
  • New South Wales –Sydney
  • Victoria VIC –Melbourne, Eastern Suburbs, Western Suburbs
  • Western Australia WA – Perth
  • South Australia SA – Adelaide
  • Northern Territory  NT – Darwin, Alice Springs
  • Canberra ACT
  • Tasmania TAS


To ensure you get the best value from your transmission make sure to get regular servicing and maintenance.

If you are experiencing problems or would like to ask for advice contact our expert team today, we are always happy to offer free advice.

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