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Mercedes Truck Transmission

Mercedes Benz specialises in two main types of truck transmissions: the Power Transmission (which is commonly used for construction site trucks, and which transforms high torque by properly coordinating all the chassis and drive components of the truck) and manual transmission, the latter being the most common. In the case of manual transmission, drivers can opt between 9-speed or 16-speed loss-free power transmission systems.


All the Mercedes truck transmissions are designed to provide powerful traction, even in the trickiest and most demanding conditions. Taking the PowerShift 3 as an example (used by the newest Arocs truck models), this transmission delivers 20% faster shifting than its predecessor. All the transmissions are designed to offer optimum power and a wider torque range, even when using the engine at low speed. The exact specifications, features and functions may vary slightly from one model to another, but the newest transmissions come with a state of the art gear indicator that allows the driver to manually select the gear, a “Rocking Mode” designed for muddy and rocky terrain, as well as the Hill Holder (a classic feature of the Mercedes Truck transmissions) that helps the driver move off on the incline faster, easier and without the hassles.

We offer one of the largest ranges of Mercedes gearboxes both new, used and reconditioned. From our six workshops we can also offer complete repairs and rebuilds and we ship daily throughout Australia. We can express ship to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and Hobart.


Apart from the AGS transmission (Automated Gear Shift), which is widely regarded as one of the most popular ones aside from the PowerShift series, Mercedes has released several important transmission models:

  • G280-16, which comes with four reverse gears and 16 forward gears
  • G330 and G211 (both of which are fully automated and come with a three-speed gearbox with both a rear-mounted and front-mounted unit)
  • G240 and the G210 (which come with two reverse gears and 16 forward gears, all of which can be shifted using either the manual or the automated Telligent system)

For a great range of Mercedes transmissions solutions including rebuilds, reconditioned or new Mercedes gearboxes contact our team today. 

Mercedes Truck Transmissions

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