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Eaton Fuller Roadranger Transmissions

Eaton offers one of the largest portfolios of transmissions to meet the specific needs of many applications. Only Eaton provides consumers with the power to select application detailed options that increase safety and efficiency. Eaton’s transmission systems give consumers the power to spec for their truck and their routes.


Eaton provides both fully synchronised and non-synchronised manual transmissions and automated transmissions across a full spectrum of applications. Eaton’s power train technology includes the synchronised manual transmission, automated mesh manual and constant mesh manual transmissions. Original equipment manufacturers count on Eaton to provide reliable and efficient solutions.


Weight saving of more than 80 pounds. Precision lubrication system which eliminates the need for a transmission cooler increasing reliability. The engine is within an efficient fuel operating range during a down-shift because of the small step ratio in 9th and 10th gear. Optimised shift calibration for the PACCAR MX-13 blends fuel and performance economy.


Fuller Advantage Series Transmission

It combines the best UltraShift Plus features with the most effective performing manual transmission available. Every driver is made an excellent driver by the error-free guess proof shifting. Its precision lubrication technology decreases oil churning losses and eliminates the need of a cooler in most applications.

UltraShift® PLUS Transmissions

UltraShift Plus is smarter, tougher and more effective than any other automated or automatic transmissions. Each of its eight models for vocational and line-haul use offers superior acceleration and maximum power capacity.

FR Series

The FR Series (10 speeds) has standard transmission reliability, durability and performance. It delivers more payload capability with engines of not more that 1850 lb-ft.

The team at Gibbs are experts at rebuilds, and reconditioned and new Eaton Transmissions. 

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